Your Future... So Sodexo

There are so many great reasons to come back to Sodexo. As alumni, you understand our inclusive and growth-oriented culture as well as our dedication to positively improving Quality of Life. Many former employees, who share our passion, find their way back to rewarding careers.

Your knowledge of Sodexo’s business, combined with the skills and experience you’ve picked up along the way, may offer exciting, new leadership opportunities. And as a returning manager, you’ll spend less time learning the ropes, and more time making an impact.


Sodexo fosters a culture committed to the growth of individuals and the performance of organizations. Our employees, who through their commitment and dedication personify Sodexo’s unique values of Service Spirit, Team Spirit and Spirit of Progress, are our greatest asset.

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Career Growth

Sodexo empowers its employees who have developed a thorough understanding of the organization to create their own career path. Employee's contributions are valued and Sodexo believes in reinvesting in its staff through mobility and career growth opportunities.

Development & Training

Sodexo encourages and supports continuous learning with a variety of opportunities to add to your existing know-how, acquire new skills and prepare you for career growth and mobility.


We strive to make working for Sodexo a genuinely great experience with benefits to promote your professional, personal and financial well-being, and to improve your Quality of Life now and into the future.


Managers with a proven record of success, and with previous Sodexo experience, are in high-demand for new accounts. And as a growing company with more than 8,000 client locations all across North America, you can build the career you want just about anywhere you want. Learn more about career growth opportunities or start your search by viewing current job openings.

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