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Further your personal and professional development by joining our webinars.

Women Thrive At Sodexo

When women do better, we all do better. Read these stories of women in leadership at Sodexo and the impact they make for our company and the communities in which they live...

Stay Engaged with Volunteer Opportunities

Even if life has taken you beyond Sodexo, we encourage you to keep your spirit of service strong by engaging in opportunities to give back. Learn more about upcoming opportunities…

Text SODEXO to 97211 to learn about jobs in your area!

Top Cities we’re hiring in: District of Columbia - Evansville, IN - Fort Wayne, IN - Lemont, IL - Lynchburg, VA

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Learn more about hiring opportunities at Sodexo and talk to us live at one of our upcoming hiring events.


Our door is always open. Although you may have decided to move on professionally, we will always consider you part of our family. Reconnexions, Sodexo’s alumni community, connects our colleagues, both past and present, to opportunities, resources and people that they need to know for the future. Join Reconnexions and you will have the opportunity to:

  • Reconnect and network through our social communities
  • Participate in professional development opportunities
  • Access 10% more job opportunities than external job seekers
  • Stay on top of the latest industry buzz
  • Gain access to member-only events and announcements
  • Connect with recruiters regarding exciting career opportunities for yourself or those in your network
  • Opportunity to volunteer with current Sodexo employees

With 13,000 client sites across North America, there’s a chance your path may lead you back to Sodexo. And if it does, the door is open! Join 10,000 other former employees in Sodexo USA’s Reconnexions Community to stay in touch, explore opportunities and reconnect with those who have returned to Sodexo.

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